Cutting out doors part 2

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    I’ve been woodworking for many years and have used circular and jig saws to follow lines to cut wood but sometimes I just want a little extra assurance that my cut will be a good one. So when it came time for the doors, I tried to use a straight edge whenever possible. The challenge is clamping it to the shell of the camper to follow the lines of the doors. Here is a way that might work for many of the straight lines. Another post shows how I used clamps but it will only work for certain cuts on a side.

    I started on this side by partially cutting out the window but realized the clamps would be in the way of the saw, so I went with double sided tape to hold my straight edge – a piece of aluminum that I plan to make into a roof rack later. Two pieces of double sided tape was enough, just be sure not to push too hard against your straight edge. The masking tape is there to show the cut but also let me mark where to put the straight edge. It takes some time plus trial and error to set up but the result should be worth it, since the doors are one of the more ‘visible’ parts of the camper and you’ll see them pretty much every time you enter.

    Admin, if there is a way I can stop getting ‘pending moderation’ when I hit Submit, please let me know. Those posts never show and that’s happened multiple times in the last two or three weeks and every time I’ve had anything more than a single picture in a post (another picture or hyperlink, for example).

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