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    Hey all,

    As the cold weather sets in here in Rochester, NY I’ll have to suspend the Pod construction probably until spring.  No worries though as there’s plenty to work on.  I plan to spend the winter custom building my Galley compartments to accommodate my cookware set, dishware, stove etc.  I’d be pleased to see any examples of other custom galleys if anyone would like to share.

    I am struggling with how to determine my size constraints as I won’t be able to take measurements of the Galley area until I cut off the galley hatch.  (Of course, the height and depth are dictated by the path of closure of the Hatch) I’d like to know the basic dimensions of the Galley kit (Overall width, height, and depth) for reference if someone would be kind enough to measure their “stock” galley module.  Or, send pics of their custom design, again, with a few basic measurements, I think I could take it from there. Greatly appreciated!


    JimBuilt, the depth of the galley kit is 15″, the length is 56.5″  It gets a little trickier with the height. If you look at the galley, it has 5 sections, the distance between the sections are approximately: 9.5″ – 11″ – 14″ – 11″ – 9.5″  the heights across the front of those sections are 12″ on the ends, 16″ across the rest. The back of the 14″ center section is approx. 19″ sloping down to the 16″ in front. Hope that makes some kind of sense. Good luck with the build. Love to see some pictures when you get it done.


    This should help if you have the ability to measure off of a scaled 2D drawing.

    CLC Camper 2D Plans/Drawings

    Link for the original image is

    This is my plan for the galley area. Where the Galley Module would go I’ve replaced with built in cabinets on Left and Right sides that are accessed from inside the cab through the bulkhead. These cabinet sections measure roughly 19″width 12″ deep to bulkhead and 11.5″ height from galley flat.

    The center section between the two cabinets will house the electrical system 23.5″ width 12″ deep and as tall as I can while still clearing the hatch stiffener and curved to match the hatch (~19″ height @ Bulkhead ~17″ height @ galley rear).

    In front of the cabinet section I will have a removable dishware caddy, a shallow sink on the left and propane cooktop on the right.


    Something I noticed when we went camping for the first time, we put our stove on a tile, just to be safe and something we did not anticipate is that it kept sliding while cooking. We are going to implement the solution that CLC used fileting pieces of wood around our stove to make it so it can’t slide while cooking. Also, hooks, hooks for a towel, a paper towel holder, lights up above and lights in the recessed areas. I’m so glad we took it camping before we made our gallery insert permanent


    Wow,  Thanks for the great responses.  Daws1954, Thank you for taking the time to measure all of that out.  That’s just the kind of detail that I needed.  Also, Thanks to Artistic Adam and Catcamper for your suggestions and ideas.  Now I can move forward with planning that out. (Hey Cat, you’re right, you can never have enough hooks.  How about those 3M “Command” sticky-hooks that you can re-locate if you want to without damaging the camper?).

    I’ve purchased a 100 amp hr AGM battery and am planning on constructing an electrical box  underneath the Trailex trailer.  Set up high between the last 2 cross-member sections, it should only hang down 8″-9″  or so (well above the height of the wheel axel).  In this electrical compartment I’ll locate the battery, power inverter, and  battery charger.  Constructed well, I think I can keep it essentially watertight and high enough that it will stay free from road hazards.   Being towards the back of the trailer will provide easy access. I thought I would mount it with hinges so that the box can swing down as it opens.  The whole point being that I’ll be Battery/Electrical Compartment free in the Galley area.  I hit on a few great finds that I thought I would share.  1’st:  A 10 piece nesting stainless steel cookware set from Magma.  It is SOLID.  A little pricey but well worth it.  I was Very please with the quality.  The removable handles are well made and pretty ingenious with how they lock on using a sort of dovetail cleat. The whole set nests down to  10.8″ X 10.8″ X 8″.   If anyone’s in the market I highly recommend it.  I purchased mine from West Marine but here’s the Amazon link:

    2’nd:  I found a dual fuel single burner stove from Gas One that is just what we needed.  Though I haven’t fired it up yet, I’ve received it and inspected it pretty carefully. I want the flexibility of a standard mini propane canister in case I’m not close enough to a butane source. At about $49 from Amazon I though it was a pretty good deal as well.  Here’s the link to it:

    3’rd: (much less cool) I found these nifty nesting wash tub sink sets on the site. The drain board and dryer rack fit inside it.  I ordered a 2nd tub so, of course, they nest together.  I loved Artistic Adam’s version of a mini sink but I’m just not ready to go there yet.    Here’s that link:  .

    Now that I have some accurate measurements to spring-board from I’ll lay out my compartments to  accommodate all of the above.  Thanks again for those who took the time to reply.  More suggestions always appreciated!




    Thanks for the link to the wash tub.

    I have 3M adhesive hooks in galley and inside the teardrop. For towels, I find something similar to these (  work better.


    Jim, I don’t have anything to offer regarding the galley, but I’m in Rochester as well and looking to build one of these trailers. I’d love to see yours if that’s possible. Please reach out to me at StevenBlunt (at) gmail

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