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    Stop the press! Important breaking news!

    Condiment bottles don’t fit in the condiment rack! At least mine don’t fit. I was getting ready to put the last clear coat on the galley unit and a grabbed the bottle of Cholula to see what it looked like sitting pretty in the module. It didn’t fit. Neither did the EVO, shoyu, rice vinegar or balsamic bottles. This teardrop is not leaving the driveway without the Cholula, EVO et al properly stored and at the ready for the master chef. I grabbed my box of hole saws being used for vents and electrical stuff and cut through what use to be the spice rack. 1 ¾ inch hole seems to be about right for all the bottles I could find in my kitchen. Of course the holes could be cut after the module is installed but it seems easier to do it before and probably best to be done before gluing it altogether.

    No big loss of the spice rack. It’s not near big enough to hold all the spices I cook with. I ordered a set of magnetic spice canisters from Amazon, which will sit on top of the battery box lid. Pictures to follow soon as Prime delivers.

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