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    Grandpa Tucson

    CLC is having a sale on the teardrop now.  It discounts a little more than 3%.  Do they ever have sales that offer more of a discount?


    There’s a better student discount for materials if you take a class, but the holiday sales tend to be the best you’ll see on the kits and supplies.

    I’ve shopped around pretty extensively, and the price for most everything is usually at or below what you can find at any online or brick and mortar stores.


    Tom B Texas

    I have not seen better pricing and bought mine a year ago with small discount. But if you decide to Build a Teardrop, you will spend more for Varnish, Trailer, Electrical, Supplies and Tools as you go.

    Don’t skimp… all those hours of work and you don’t want it to look “cheap”… just my 2 cents worth. Well up to about $5K now all in…


    Hello – I did notice in the emails that I received from CLC, was that they have a sale on gift cards where they add ? 10% ? to the amount of the card. When I was planning out my build I bought the gift card and then bought the trailer. I waited for a while (3 months getting my building space sorted out, and planning how to get the trailer kit to Canada (another story)). This paid off in the long run because CLC had another sale where they had a discount on the galley module. I was able to pay for the gift card, and I think I was able to save approximately 500$…

    I agree with the sentiment to not cheap out. However, being frugal or strategic by taking advantages of deals like this is not necessarily cheap 🙂

    Grandpa Tucson

    Thanks for all your responses.


    I bought mine kit at a wooden boat show that CLC was at. They discounted 10% plus a $100 gift card. I had just left the beer garden and when I saw the trailer I said “oh yeah, I gotta have that”.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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