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    Hi everyone:

    I am starting to plan out my build, I have been scouring the internet for sources of information about the project. I have a few questions that remain unanswered and am guessing that I will have more once I get started.

    Trailers: I am trying to figure out what would be best, however, there are a few catches. I would like this to stay as light as possible so it can be safely towed by my Subaru Forester (1000# tow rating with no brakes, 1500 with brakes), ideally, I would like to be well under this limit.

    An option I was considering was mounted the teardrop on a 4.5-foot wide trailer. I know that the size of the cabin is 5×8, but am thinking about building a storage drawer under the cabin of the trailer (see the episode 7 you can see the finished idea ). I realize that the height of the trailer will be changed, making the galley potentially higher, and would mean that the wheels are potentially underneath the cabin? Has anyone tried mounting on a narrower trailer? If not why would this be a bad idea?


    Other than that I was leaning to getting the parts for the Northern Tools aluminum trailer from the US and register it in BC as a uBuild trailer… Any other Canadians out there? What did you base your trailer on?




    Hopitat rear


    Hopitat side

    I used a PWC trailer, which was perfect to get the wheels under. I removed the exiting tailer bunks and had some aluminum bunks welded. Worked beautifully. We tow it behind Outback, and even through snow no issues on the freeway or up mountains. Total weight was just over 500#.


    I used the northern tool 5×8 aluminum trailer.  IIRC, the shipping weight (including wheels/tires) was about 150 lb.  I estimate my TD weighs about 350 including a battery, so the total wt is about 500lb.  the northern tools trailer is very well built.  and, being aluminum, it’s easy to cut the members to length with a powered jig saw.  it’s about 10 inches too long (again, IIRC from last summer).  to get the tongue weight right, I mounted the TD at the front of the trailer frame, and cut the excess off the back end of the frame.  it was easy to drill new holes in the members to accomodate the rearmost cross-member at the new location.


    Does anyone have CLC tear drop in Atlantic Provinces? I would really like to see one up close.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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