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    Being a wood worker, I have to try a few ideas out during the camper build so I’m adding some things to dress up the inside of the cabin. A pass through panel and two shelves (one to replace the kit shelf and a smaller one above it) are all mahogany. When closed, the pass through door is held in place by magnets on the back of the door and face of the bulkhead. The smaller shelf is the cut-off from the larger shelf. I don’t know if it will be too small to be useful but I liked the idea. I could also attach lights and/or fans to it.

    Here is the planning. I just laid things out until they looked good. The thin strips are mahogany and will be inlaid in the bulkhead. Notice the printed picture. I really liked Bill’s idea but didn’t think I would have the time and energy to do something similar.

    Here the inlay is glued into a very shallow routed groove and other items placed where they will end up.

    The small upper shelf is routed out to create the lip so things don’t fall off. It took several clamps and quite a bit of time to do. It would have been easier to plane a thin piece to be the shelf and add a thin edge to the front of it. Oh well. I used the new (large) mahogany shelf as a guide for the router to follow.

    Magnets hold the door tightly in place when closed. It’s not a large opening (about 16 x 6) but I’m thinking it might be handy for reaching something in the galley during bad weather or some other use I haven’t thought of yet.

    Here is nearly an idea of what it will be like in the cabin. The larger shelf is not in place here but the smaller shelf and pass through are. The handle on the pass through door is a rock (from a vacation somewhere) stuck on with epoxy. Mahogany is a pretty wood and will be a nice contrast with the kit plywood. I think it will look great when it’s all finished.


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