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    I saw the idea of  a pass through and liked possibly being able to reach something in the galley, say during bad weather or when you just don’t want to get out of the camper. Depending on your electrical design, it could also be used for wires to temporarily go between a battery/power station and where you need the power. Here’s what I came up with.  This picture shows the plan for a smaller (extra) shelf, the pass through idea and a shelf that I made from mahogany to replace the kit shelf. I’m not sure if the smaller shelf will be very useful but it can also be used to attach fans or lights to. Around everything is a mahogany inlay that follows the shape of the bulkhead.

    Here’s how it looks inside. The door is held in place by magnets (epoxied into holes so they’re flush) when it is closed or open. Two magnets that you can see are in the bulkhead at the right side of the opening. Two others are in the bulkhead near the left side. Four magnets are in the back of the door to match the location of the four in the bulkhead when the door is closed. When the door is open, only two of the pairs of magnets will ‘match up’ but they’re strong enough to keep it in place. If you use this idea, make sure you get the poles of the magnets facing the ‘correct’ ways. All four north poles need to face the same way and match up with all four south poles when the door is closed. The door handle is a rock from a past trip somewhere.

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