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    This topic started in roof vent fan thread. Refer to message #1582.

    I felt the topic warrants its own title and maybe others will add their unusual build experiences to the thread.

    StretchMike  RE: floor and panel 4 tabs not lining up.

    I cut my floor to the it’s actual size then routed in notches and epoxied in some 9 mm scrap  *biscuits* and inset them into the bottom side 9 mm deep. I did some quick measurements and notches and tabs are close if not right-on. The bottom is kind of buried right now. If there is a problem in fact, it will be easy to modify with no loss of purpose or strength.

    I think I will go with inserts in ends of panel 2  to solve the length difference. Some lightweight glass cloth/epoxy for added strength, then continue with the hatch lip.


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