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    I am considering purchasing a kit now but am wondering if I can build it in my garage in the winter in Minnesota.  Do I need to heat the garage while curing the fiberglass or am okay working in the colder space?  If anyone has any insight on this I would appreciate it.




    I’d recommend a space heater and thermometer for your garage.  The epoxy that came with my kit was MAS LV w/ Slow Hardener.

    look here for the manufactures FAQ

    Pay close attention to the MAS epoxy cure schedule on the FAQ, they do not recommend using the product in temperatures below 41°F and for every 18°F the temperature falls below 77°F, the pot life will double for the mixture.


    I live in Indiana and I started my build in march when it was still cold.  my workshop  (20′ x 20′) has a ceiling-mounted Dayton electric space heater (5000 watts, and 220 volts) and a wall-mounted line voltage thermostat.

    the resin and hardener are really viscous below about 65F.  I started out with the shop heated to about 60F and I kept the resin and epoxy in the house so they would flow better out of the pumps.  however, once the epoxy was mixed and spread on the cold surfaces that I was fiberglassing, it became more viscous and a bit harder to spread.

    after a few days of that drill, I raised the temp in the shop to 70 a few hours before I started a work session, and then lowered it to 60 when I was done for the day.

    I’m afraid that working in the winter in a minimally-heated space won’t work for you.

    my 2 cents worth.




    I live in MN and plan to finish my epoxy in the Spring.  I am opening a DIY studio – so I had to postpone the finish until 2018.  If you don’t have a heated space – I would wait to epoxy until it gets warmer.

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