bright stripes on teardrop shell after removing the mold

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    (I was not able to log into this forum after repeated attempts last night and this morning so posted this question on the main forum.  sorry for the double post).

    i took the mold off the teardrop.  i noticed bright lines the width and location of all the mold ribs that contacted the plywood–both the lateral and longitudinal ribs.   i have sanded with 120 grit but the lines are still faintly visible.  i wetted the plywood with a damp cloth to simulate the effect of epoxy, but the lines still show.  i don’t want to sand thru the veneer in order to remove them.

    has anyone else encountered this?  what might be the solution?  (other than to leave as-is and i suppose no one but me will notice, altho i don’t like that idea!)


    two hours later:

    after thinking about this for a couple of hours, i’m wondering if the bright lines are actually the shadow from the mold pieces, with the rest of the shell having darkened slightly from the sunlight from all the windows in my workshop? i started building about a month ago. if this is in fact the case, i dont think there is any solution except to sand it and go with it.


    thanks for any advice



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