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    Im new to the CLC World and loving this product. I have not built mine yet but am fishing around for ideas before I do so. Although I think that this is a fantastically original and quirky design, personally I feel that the biggest design flaw is the galley and approach to storage. I get the fact that CLC are aiming for a wood boat retro feel but I would love to do something more efficient and perhaps slick in the back. I also see that there is talk of folks are looking to design and instal a 3-4″ deep base box with big sliding drawers.

    For both of the above, I would love to see how these have been done by others.



    Waterlust is building drawers underneath there teardrop. You can follow along on their youtube channel. The most recent build video shows them making the boxes.


    Also look at the cabin storage thread a little bit down, seriously, I would pay money for that insert in the cabin! I like the cabin one mainly for the idea that we can do it at a later date when maybe our carpentry skills will be slightly higher than they are now:)


    Thanks for the tips. I was wondering how the drawers get waterproofed. In the rain they would be attacked by both rain and road splash.


    I was wondering the same thing. Swirling air behind a vehicle can push water and dust into any gap.


    It seems that making a base storage box that is connected to the top, reinforced and sealed together with fiberglass and epoxy to be one is the way to go then accessed from lift up panels on the inside is the way to go. Placing drawers just above the chassis seems to be a difficult and problematic setup. The truth about this model of teardrop is that it just doesn’t appear to be long enough for the pull out base drawers for stove and cooler. At least not one that intrudes on the leg room for sleeping.

    A 4-6 inch base storage could potentially work if built as part of the top.

    If anyone has great ideas for sealing drawers then I’d love to know.


    I’m still in the design phase myself but will be starting construction around the end of next month. Storage in the cab & galley section was a big concern for myself as well. My solution can be seen in the following 3D renders.

    I’ve opted for more storage in the cab by cutting two wholes for cabinets on either side of the bulkhead leading into the galley space which will be enclosed with a custom built “galley module”. Similar to the galley module most of my electronic components (sans batteries) will be housed between the cabinet sections.

    Batteries, secondary storage as well as a 10-18 gallon water take will be in the custom built 8″ base unit. The base unit will be a similar Okoume ply with fiberglass outer shell around hardwood framing. The underside will have an additional layer of Line-X Spray (truck bed liner) to prevent wear and tear from road conditions. Doors leading into the base storage unit will have rubber weather stripping and keyed handles. I’m also playing around with the idea of a 2-toned look with the bottom painted to match my tow vehicle.

    CLC Perspective

    CLC Profile

    CLC_Custom_Interior  CLC_SectionCut




    Artistic Adam

    Awesome response! Your solutions are a great step forward. Lovely design and renderings. You have approached the base much in the same way I was thinking. Ive been thinking about designing the base to be a continuation of the geometry of the pod in the same way but was concerned that it would look awkward and lumpy, however your design indicates that it does not. I just started to build the base pod in sketchup to test it out.

    I also like that you have done away with the front box. The re-configuring of space appears to be successful too. For my part I would use a grill propane tank and would have to locate it at the front. I may have to come to terms with it on the front where you have located jerry cans as I am not a fan of their storage box.

    I never knew about LineX either. It appears to be a better idea than Durbar plate on the underside. Im not sure but the underside would get a hammering in rain as well as stones etc. I think I would try your solution. Im also keen to see how the waterproofing of your side drawers works out. Im not close to a build yet and will spend some more time designing, researching and thinking.

    Which trailer are you using? It doesn’t look like the one you purchase through CLC. I have researched these and there are quite a few that are much cheaper than their option.

    Either way for what its worth – the two tone rocks! Didn’t think Id like the darker stain as the light color is so nice however it looks pretty good. .

    I hope you keep us posted on progress.



    Thanks, I’m glad you like the design. I will be keeping a detailed video blog of the build once I start. To answer your question the trailer is a modified 5’x8′ Ironton trailer. It’s an inexpensive bolt together trailer. I plan to shorten the 8′ sides of the trailer, then notch and bend the corner to match the CLC base shape which is continued through to the base storage unit.

    For propane I plan to just use 14oz camping containers and a single burner stove. If later I decide I need more than a few camping tanks I will get a Worthington 299494 6-pound aluminum propane cylinder. These are narrow enough to fit in the base storage during transportation.

    It sounds like you are going with the standard #20-30 propane tanks. For those I would recommend keeping the tank/s on the tongue of the trailer inside a Camco propane cover. The covers look nice and will help protect your tanks. Just remember to keep them away from ignition sources including electrical systems, and in well ventilated areas.



    colinspeer–a few of us have used the Northern Tools and Equipment 5×8 aluminum trailer.  when i bought mine, IIRC it was around 550 with free shipping.  it is aluminum, and quite rugged.  being aluminum, it is easy to cut to the proper length and drill holes into for mounting the camper.

    it comes with 12″ wheels, but i decided i wanted 15″ wheels for better bearing life.  i also bought a set of what what northern tools calls “high-speed hubs”, and since the 15″ tires are wider than the 12’s i needed to get a set of 1 1/4 inch wheel spacers.  we have a trailer mfr nearby and i was able to get a pair of fenders with enclosed backs for $40.  i’m very pleased with the results.

    obviously the 15″ wheels make the camper higher.  the galley is at about 41″, which for me is a comfortable height.  also the bottom of the door openings are about chair-height which makes it very easy to enter and exit.

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    Wow, excellent rendering.

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