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    Have any tried the KampCamp awning over the galley or some kind of tarp arrangement.


    A tarp over the galley does not let the hatch open all the way. I have tried this method but it requires that you be able to use tent pegs to guy-wire it to the ground. But some  RV camp spaces are paved or gravel and don’t hold a tent peg  (If you can get it in the ground)

    Any Ideas?

    First attempt with 8×10 tarp and old tent poles.  The front is attached with bungee cords to the fenders.



    I love you design. I’ve already installed Kedar rail to the TD both to weather proof the galley and put some sort of eves over the doors.

    Your idea of putting the dinning area and galley under one shelter makes for a very friendly setting. I would want to extend it to the ground with some screen windows and a zipper door to make life pleasant in buggy areas. I’m a couple of months away from putting needle and tread to fabric but will post my efforts when available.




    I’m not familiar with the Keder Rail product.

    I agree that some kind of netting to the ground would be good and provide a little wind protection too.  My second try the campground had gravel sites which wouldn’t hold a tent peg so I held the two tent pole ends with cord at ground level to hold the poles in shape as you see in the picture.

    Would like to have an eve of sorts over the doors to protect from rain, just enough to stand protected to off/on shoes or whatever B/4  getting into the camper.

    The 8×10 tarp is just a place to start until I can create an awning That will work.

    Interested to see what you come up with.



    There’s some potentially interesting solutions out there for side rooms.  The thing is they’re designed for other teardrops or vehicles, not the CLC.

    The Camp Inn side room tent would probably actually fit the CLC without any mods.  It has an apron that secures around the door, and even has a velcro strap to hold the door open.  It would make for a nice vestibule and changing room.  The problem is it’s only 42″ x 48″, so if you’re looking for a sitting room or a 3rd person to sleep, this won’t cut it.  If it were twice the size I’d be all over it.

    Paha Que makes a few different side rooms, also designed for other models of trailers.  They attach to the trailers they’re designed for using Keder rail.  The sizes are perfect for a sitting room and extra sleeping space.  Would any of them work with the CLC?  It’s difficult to say with the info provided.

    Trailer Tents

    Various “SUV Tents:”  There are a number of SUV tents out there featuring sleeves that mate up to either a tailgate or a passenger door of a vehicle.  They typically have straps that you can wrap around the vehicle and cinch tight.  They also tend to be a bit cheaper than the two above options ($200 or so).  It seems that one of them would provide a workable solution for a side room.

    The ARB awnings and tent room attachments are nice.  I like that you mount the awning to a roof rack and just roll it out, so it’s one less thing to pack.  The problem there is there doesn’t appear to be a good way to set it up so that you can step out of the trailer and into the tent.  The side that butts up against the trailer has a flap that needs to be completely lowered in order to have access to the trailer door.  That’s a bit problematic.  Maybe a clever modification of some sort to that side would make it a nice solution.

    Ez-Up now makes a very nice camping cube for their canopies.  EZ-Ups are nice and sturdy, and I like the idea of having a 10′ x 10′ space with that much head room.  The obvious problem with that one is it only has one door.  If it had two doors I could see setting it up so it butts up agaist the side of the CLC and coming up with some sort of sleeve to connect the two.  That, and Ez-Ups are a bit heavy and bulky and usually take 3 people to set up.

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