Any definitive choices for an automotive/marine clear coat?

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    After building a few kayaks with varnish finishes, I’ve decided to clear coat my teardrop. However, I’m relatively nervous about making the right product selection.

    I know a few others have gone this route and a few questions- maybe even for the CLC folks who have had this done.

    1) thoughts on going with an automotive or marine clear coat?  I’ve seen a few marine ones that are designed to help refinish/restore the higher gloss finish to boats.  I’d assume they also have good UV protection as is necessary.  Right now I’m leaning towards automotive finishes unless someone has a much better and compelling option.

    2) If going the automotive route, which product to use?  Right now I’m looking at the PPG clear coat, but have read it should have the flex additive to ensure it remains flexible.  Lots of camper shell guys seem to do this with success.  Only killer to this product is the price- think it’s like $400/gallon!

    I’ve probably got a month or two to decide, but any recommendations from those who have gone this route would be helpful. Definitely want to go with a sprayed on finish that won’t need much maintenance every few years!


    I’m happy with car clearcoat. can wax it like a car


    Did you have it done, or spray it yourself?  What clear coat did you use?


    Let me provide one other alternative, Total Boat Halcyon.  It’s an utltra durable water-based varnish.  It can be recoated in about an hour without sanding up to 5 coats in a day. Day 2 just scruff it with a scrotchbrite pad.  I did 8 coats on my camper, storage box and galley module in two days.  It came out so well that Jamestown Distributors is using my camper in some advertising.



    @traidna did you use their Amber or gloss or satin?


    Reason I wanted to avoid varnish was the long-term maintenance.  I know on my kayaks, varnish needs touch ups or new coats every few years.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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