Amp limits on SeaDog Round Digital Volt/Amp Meter?

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    I purchased the SeaDog Round Digital Volt/Amp Meter ( from CLC as I suspect many of you did. I didn’t realize until I received it that there is a 10 amp limit (technically 9.99A according to the packaging). Does anyone know if that is just the limit of what it can measure or is it going to be permanently damaged if it goes over 10A by a little or a lot? Each of the 6 circuits on the rocker panel is protected by 10A fuses with the panel as a whole having a 37A max. I currently have my whole 12V system protected by a 30A fuse but I’m second guessing that with the weakest link seeming to be the SeaDog Meter. I’m still adding to my electrical system and getting around 3A with all my lights and vent fan going but I imagine I could get to 10A pretty easily after I add what I hope to add. Thoughts or experiences? If someone hasn’t reached out to SeaDog for clarification, that will be my next step.



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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>If It’s on one of those branch circuits it will be fine. If it’s between your source and your fuse panel where its capped at 37amp, you could run into trouble around¬† 12amp as they’re usually rated at about 80% capacity.</p>

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