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    Hi all,


    As I wait out the cold season up here in Vermont, I’m starting to plan out what I want my kitchen to look like for my camper. I opted to design my own, instead of going with the galley module option provided by CLC. I’m curious what other people have done with the galley space. I’m a professional cook, so I really want to maximize the space for cooking. I do like all the storage the CLC galley module has, but I want a little more flexibility with the space for cooking. I’m thinking about constructing an additional counter that would hook onto the edge of the galley and extend outward, forming a sort of L-shaped kitchen. Other features I’m thinking I’ll include are a Coleman two burner gas stovetop, a large cutting board, and maybe a space for a water jug. Also just trying to figure out how to maximize storage space (I have lots of cooking gear like a dutch oven, emersion blender, pasta roller, etc.)…

    Anyways, I’d love to see/hear what others have come up with. I’m open to any suggestions or ideas, Thanks!

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