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    i just received a new zero breeze mark 2 portable air conditioner ordered on amazon. i think it might be perfect for the clc teardrop, an ac unit that many will want to consider. it’s light, has plenty of power for our teardrop size, installs easily and has battery option that integrates easily.

    when i found this ac online, i learned that the original zero breeze mark 1 had many poor reviews, very deserved, but the mark 2 is much better in many ways and the credible reviews are better in my judgment. i took a risk and purchased it… so far, happy i did.

    The documentation is very poor and the unit has a few minor design flaws, but overall, it is space efficient, powerful and quiet.
    i’m early in my clc teardrop build, and i’m not yet sure how i will install it, but i can already imagine a variety of easy efficient installation options…
    thought y’all might like to know about this…
    Kind regards


    Thanks, keep us updated on the install and how it works out.

    I’m in Texas and it’s bloody hot!

    Early in build, bottom going on next.



    In Texas as well and considered the Zero Breeze MKII. I plan to go a different route because im worried it just cant keep up with the heat we get here. Would be curious to know how well it works for you before i get started this fall on the AC mod.


    hi Adam,

    i have used the mark-2 in a small office in an upstairs of my garage… The space is appx. 60 sq. ft… the ac dropped temp on. 90 degree day, from 86 (inside temp.) to 74 without any problem…and dehumidification was excellent.  i started the “run setting” on the boost cycle until comfortable and turned it down to run on the regular stage.

    i believe the clc teardrop, especially with insulation package will be no problem.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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