40 x 48 Trailer from NT

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    Because of the size of our garage, I’ve decided to go with the 40×48 trailer.  These things were back ordered by NT for 6+ months, but I’ve found a used one in excellent condition.  I’m having a hard time figuring out how to imagine what it looks like complete.  A couple of issues.

    1) The risers do not put it above the fenders…still 1-2 inches short.  Any ideas on how to fix that issue so I can still use the fenders?  Otherwise, I may have to take them (fenders) off.

    2) Any specs on mounting it?  Where did anyone sit it on the trailer?  I’m extending the tongue this week for turn clearance, but am still not sure where to mount it on the trailer…


    Good Morning jclover41 – I had my teardrop mounted on a 4×6 trailer so maybe this will help. Maybe not.


    I just drilled custom mounting holes on the trailer and attached the teardrop with carriage bolts. I had put a 1/2″ sheet of marine grade plywood down (painted with rubberized paint) to gain an extra height (in addition to the risers that CLC included).

    My teardrop overhung the wheel fenders. I had to lower them. This caused an issue where they banged into the bottom of the teardrop (mind you I was on rough logging roads)!! Be cautious here….

    I don’t suggest removing the fenders. Crap will bang into the bottom of the trailer. To gain extra height (and allow for lowering the fenders) have you considered flipping the axle to a spring over axle configuration as opposed to spring under (if applicable)? Some folks use hockey pucks (I will be doing this in the future).

    Lengthening the tongue is a good idea – I had issues with backing up with a shorter tongue. Just watch your tongue weight for handling at speed.

    Best of luck – happy to answer more questions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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