2017 Camper Looking for Some TLC and a New Home (on East Coast)

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    Hi fellow builders!

    It’s a sad day for me, as I have decided to part ways with the CLC teardrop I built back in 2017. I’m moving to a city soon, and am afraid I won’t have anywhere to store it. It was a wonderful project, and has taken me all over the country over the past three years (traveled cross country two times now). It even survived an SUV flipping it after their breaks cut out behind me…If you saw that teardrop repair on CLC’s social media a while back, that was mine! The wood on one side is a slightly different color than the rest, which is a sort of cool way of telling the story. The CLC guys got it looking as good as new though! I would love to hang onto it forever, but am in a transition in life where I need to part with some things. This was my first deep dive into building and working with wood, so I learned a lot along the way. The camper is a reflection of this; it has many imperfections, and a few failed experiments (I tried to coat the entire interior with foraged birch bark! It went okay…). However, the overall structure is sound, and it would provide a perfect canvass for someone to make their own.

    Major work needed:

    • one of my door hinges started to give out so I took one of the doors off
    • re-sealing of doors, mushroom vents, and back galley
    • sanding of birch bark on inside
    • removal of epoxy and sea-glass in galley (another failed experiment)
    • minor repairs and refinishing of exterior

    If any of you have any friends who love your teardrop but don’t want to start from square one, or just want a fun restoration project, let me know! I figure a lot of us have some time to kill these days, and a project like this is probably perfect for someone out there…I love this thing, and want it to go to someone who will get a lot of joy and use out of it. I have a ballpark price in my head, but am open to talking it out. It is currently in Towson, MD which is only about an hour away from CLC HQ. Respond to this post if interested, and I’ll get you my contact info.


    Hope everyone is staying safe!



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