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Bob D.

Here’s what I did for lighting inside.  Basically I clamped the door sill so I couldn’t split it, then drilled a hole on the edge where I wanted to route wires, then used a small saw to turn the hole into a keyway / slot.


Slot for light wires


And installed:

Installed door sill with slot


The lights I’m using are these from Amazon:


They seem to remember the dimmer setting between power cycles.  The blue nightlight ring can be turned off so you don’t have a blue light shining into the camper all night.


Edit/update: forgot to mention that if I were doing this again, I would coat that slot with epoxy before gluing up inside the camper.  I’m sure enough of the thickened stuff got in there because I had to push it out with some small tools, but it never hurts to purposefully coat it first.


Also, the above lights happened to just fit exactly.  I’m going to use a small strap across the front rather than use any kind of adhesive.  Maybe a strap (wooden strip and 2 screws) and a dab or two of silicone to keep it from moving around.



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