Reply To: Headliner


Liner install is NOW complete.  Living is California now has at times been a pain when it comes to purchasing certain Chemical Based products.  I accidentally purchased the Water-Based Contact Cement. (DO NOT USE!)

This Product from DAP is not in any way usable for this application.  The foam liner just soaks it in and will NOT work. (DO NOT USE!)

So I took it back and got the Good-Old-Stinky Real Contact Cement.  This stuff stinks to high heaven.  So wear an appropriate breathing filter.

Be very careful on which piece goes to which location.  I wish that the pieces were labeled to make this easier.  So, it is up to you to dry fit and label which surface is out and which orientation is correct. I labeled the back of the panel with a sharpie indicating the panel ID and its orientation.  The labeling also guarantees that you don’t accidentally apply contact cement to the WRONG side. I also had a lot of overlap a few panels and a gap of about an inch at the back side of the vent. I save the trimmed pieces and filled i the gap.

One last note is to be very careful when placing the liner to the contact cement, once it make contact…….well, it makes FULL contact.  You can not remove or slide into place.  Photos show my labeling scheme and the finished result.