Reply To: Awning


I have a similar water device mounted in my tacoma. This is the one I have. Love it!

I’m a couple weeks from finishing up my camper and installing the rack, but I did purchase an awning. I have an “awning room” for it too. With a toddler and another kid on the way, my wife wanted a place for the kids to play as well as a place for her to stand up and change clothes. So the awning room will be on one side of the camper. It has two windows to the outside as well as a door. Then there’s an internal zippered side that allows you to get into the camper. The room attaches to the awning, but has its own floor and roof. Here’s a few pictures of it mounted to my tacoma. It’s not staked down in the pictures so looks a little floppy. Will post some updates once I finish my build!