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3 hole cubby
This is what I did for storage of a few clothes and toiletries. It mounts up against the ceiling insulation above the shelf and against the bulkhead. Two LED lights are mounted on either end, I won’t need the fans as the overhead one will provide more than enough air flow. I don’t need a sound system out in the wild either but will carry a Bose sound- link mini if I’m so moved. Since it’s curved the bezels I made that fit into the 1/8″ plywood needed to also match that curve so I steamed them for 30 min and then compressed them an a mold I made for 10 min. The front of this cabinet comes out to the roof fan bezel. I lined the bottom with some extra boat trailer carpet to help keep things from moving around. At first I considered cutting two holes in the bulkhead into the galley area where more speakers were to be but decided on this and will decide on using that area in the galley area for more items there. Because I saved all of the large sheets of packing cardboard from the kit I was able to make 2 or 3 trial models of this cabinet before committing to cutting wood. As soon as I finish wiring and insulation I’ll bolt the cabinet in.