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You’ve persuaded me to worry less about cutting the shell, so I’ll build both doors and the galley hatch. I’ll install the piece of the bulkhead as illustrated above, extending down to the junction between the two side panels. Since it won’t support the flat, the legs of the bulkhead presumably aren’t needed, but I still think the bulkhead is needed to support to shape of the shell. I’d like to be persuaded otherwise. I also assume that the legs of the bulkhead don’t support loads on the roof of the shell.

I’ll cut the galley flat as in the first illustration in the first post, two or three inches from the end, and I’ll attach this part to the shell as designed. I’ll finish the rest of the flat and build supports for it on the sides of the shell. With the remaining flat sitting on these supports, the full galley flat is available from either side, but I can remove it if I prefer more interior space. I may cut the remainder of the flat in half and install supports for both halves, so I can have a shorter flat if I prefer. The shorter pieces will also be easier to maneuver.