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I see what you’re saying, but I have little woodworking experience, and I’m trying to do less. I still need the galley or a piece of it to slot between the top of the shell and the lower rear and side panels.

In such a small space, I don’t want to dedicate space exclusively to any one thing, but I also don’t want to deviate too much from the design. A large shelf accessible from the inside isn’t a bad compromise with the design, and it still supports many more uses than the same shelf accessible only from the outside.

The hatch could be useful even with no galley flat, but it involves a lot of cutting. I’ve also considered building only one door, installing only the window on one side. Omitting the galley flat and bulkhead and hatch and a door seems to cut many hours from the build time. Cutting the shell generally scares me, but I can’t avoid one door, and I may hesitate less when I’ve done it.