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A less radical approach only makes the galley space accessible from the interior. I cut a hole in the bulkhead, and I don’t build the hatch, but the build is unchanged otherwise.

Since the bulkhead supports the flat, a large hole leaving so little wood at the bottom seems risky, but I could install a table leg near the center of the flat screwed to the flat and the floor. I could also cut too, smaller holes and skip the table leg.

This approach seems foolproof (assuming I can build the thing at all), but I prefer removing more of the bulkhead, and I prefer omitting the galley altogether to either of these options. With the unused wood, I could build tables or something.

I ordered a kit today but won’t begin construction until early June. If anyone has built or considered building the trailer with similar modifications, or if you foresee a problem with these modifications, please chime in.