Reply To: Electrical Installation


Ace hardware had the lights, a. Bit pricey at $40 for 3 of them.  Damn things wire was marked wrong, wire with the “-” was the positive lead.  Backwards.  As for fitting, I cut two 2″ diameter wood discs from 3/4 plywood and sanded them to fit in the holes, then flush mounted the pucks.  Drilled a 1/8″ or so hole in the door sill “ear” for the wire.  Aluminum tape holds the wire in place.

Wire splicing technique:  strip 1/2″ of wire on each, twist ends, slide on heat shrink, form into “J”, hook two “J”‘s together.  Solder splice.  I mostly used a 140 watt soldering GUN, worked well although a iron would work two.  The gun is nice since it gives you lots of heat fast.  Let splice cool, slide heat shrink over it and hit it with a BIC lighter.