Reply To: Hockey Pucks


I’ll take pictures and post.  They really are ideal, they left a 1/4″ gap between the butt block and the Trailex trailer.

I’d note that CLC did not supply the carriage bolts for the Trailex trailer, they supplied the long bolts needed for the Harbor Freight trailer.  I got 5/6 x 3″ bolts (they specified 2 1/2″ bolts) to allow for the 1″ thickness of the pucks.  Worked fine.

An important note:  Get BOTH 5/16 plain nuts AND 5/16 nylock nuts (stainless).  I only used the nylock nuts and stainless washers, and it was a pain in the butt.  The carriage bolts don’t “seat” until there is some tension on them and I fought them taking up the “slack”.  In hindsight, I would put the plain nuts on first, tighten them up, then follow with the nylocks.  Would be MUCH easier.

I have one nylock nut that is stuck, and cannot get it to either tighten up nor will it come off, I think I buggered the thread with the needle nose vice grips I was using to hold the bolt still while taking up the slack.  I’ll cut it off with an abrasive disk and do it over, but it’s a pain and doesn’t need to be.