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Looks good, Bob. You’ll never notice it in the finished product.

I wanted to chime in and say that now is a good time to address the door issues you will inevitably face later on in the project.   Now is the perfect time, provided you haven’t already progressed to gluing the floor in, to throw an extra couple layers of fiberglass onto the insides of the doors to prevent spring-out once they are cut from the shell.  I think that should be a required step during assembly and SHOULD be adequate to prevent problems that everyone will be forced to address at some point if they don’t take preventative steps…  You also might want to consider gluing in the door stiffener, although precise placement could be challenging due to limited clampability at this point.

I am forced to do a tedious work-around/ do over in order to get my doors to fit properly so I am 100% confident that a bit of effort at this step will prevent a LOT of stress later on.

Good luck and happy building!