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Perfection is unlikely on a project like this.  My project has a good number of minor defects and at least one major defect.  This isn’t for score, it’s to produce a pleasing result that has practical application.  That looks totally repairable, however replacing the panel is the best option.  I bet CLC will cut you a new panel, but even if they don’t just lay it flat, apply a fiberglass patch over it and press forward.  The crack will be visible but the fiberglass patch will essentially dissapear.  In the end it can be covered with a sticker, a flag, or other decorative item.

Don’t lose heart, and believe me, this will NOT be that last imperfection.  Even with the warts on my trailer, it’s still pretty darn nice looking, especially to others.  *I* see the defects, but essentially nobody else does!