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OK, you guys are going to think I’m nuts, but the following shows what I did for my latch setup… (I hope I can figure out how to post pictures…). First, I should explain that when I cut my back hatch out, for some reason it seemed to spring a bit and the fit at the back wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be… The center back of the lid did not sit flat on the lower back end of the galley. To remedy this, I added a strongback to the lid to pull the warp out of it… I also made a toggle clamp latch to help pull the lid shut tight.

Initial galley hatch fit

Fit after installing strongback

Strongback (screw will be trimmed)

Toggle latch (unlached)

Closing latch

Latch closed

Due to the geometry of the latch, when it is closed, the tension on the latch arms keep it closed (toggle concept). I did this for two reasons; 1) to provide clamping force and 2) because I didn’t like the idea of putting a metal latch on a wooden sculpture… I’m interested to hear your thoughts about my crazy plan…


Note, the screws holding the latch in place are not tightened in these pictures. I need a helper to hold the nuts on the inside of the camper while I tighten the screws… I’m working solo today…

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