Reply To: door actuation rods


NO!!! ¬†13 3/8″ is too short. They should be cut to 13 3/4″ and19 1/2″. Of this I am ABSOLUTELY SURE. If you cut them to 13 3/8″, you WILL be asking CLC to send two more.. My kit, hardware and build are exactly like everybody else’s. The ideal length is as long as you can get them without interfering with the door frame in the open position.

There is a second important issue with the doors: The rebate in the stiffener (upon which the lower door fairlead mounts) is 6mm (1/4″) too much putting the lower fairlead too close to the gasket surface and most importantly 6mm closer than the upper door fairlead is. ¬†Even if you make this up with a piece of 6mm plywood (cut to the shape of the rebate for aesthetics) ,as I did only after puncturing my door skin with the supplied screws, you will still need 1/1\6″ of washers under the lower and upper door fairlead to get your doors flush with the camper shell top and bottom when closed and rods arecalculated/When this isndone everything is peachy. The CLC folks claim you can just throw a bunch of washers in; but they really ought to correct this issue and their advice because a stack of washers 8mm high is damned high and a hell of a lot of washers. Close study of the prototype pictures in the manual shows zero rebate in the door stiffener. They need to admit they goofed by 6mm when they calculated/introduced the rebate.