Reply To: Door fit


Well, Fritz, it looks perfect in the last photo.  Great work!  Now, how did you do it?  Can the door stiffener really remove the “sprung”-factor by itself.  My doors are practically flat (and pretty warped to boot) and I am dubious about getting a good fit.  In my case, gluing the sills to the doors helped with the warping – I am hoping the attaching the windows will make it near perfect – but putting the correct angle back at the panel 3 and 4  junction seems to require a LOT of force.  To clarify: are you saying that you ground the correct angle out of the door stiffener and muscled the door into position with clamps and tape? It seems like maybe there could be a better design for the door stiffener that would spread the force out over more of the seam between the two panels.