Reply To: Galley Flat fitment problem


I had the same issue… I took a good amount of material off the sides of the galley flat, but still had significant interference. I ultimately wedged it in using my “heavy hands…” With the unit being upside down, I didn’t notice until I flipped it right side up that I opened one of the side seams when I forced the flat in place. Since by this time, all my expoxy fillets had cured, my heavy handed mistake resulted in a very unpleasant experience with a sawzall… After cutting a wedge out of the installed flat and epoxy fillet, I was able to glue things back together (a testimony to the forgiveness of the stitch and glue technique), but the experience could have been avoided by taking extra time to achieve a slip fit of the galley flat before installing. This was my biggest opps of the entire project (so far… my unit is built, but not varnished).