Reply To: Smitten


unless you have a buyer lined up for your first build, I would say that you can build it right the first time, IF you:

take your time

read the entire manual stem to stern twice before you start anything

take your time

make sure your workshop temperature is between 65-75 F (others may say a wider range is do-able but that’s my experience)–this may lead you to spend a few more dollars on a heater for the spring and fall seasons, and an AC for the summer

take your time

make liberal use of emails to Dillon at CLC who is incredibly responsive to all questions.


yes, I have a few “birthmarks” on my TD that only I can see, but not nearly enough to want to find a buyer.

if you haven’t made the purchase yet, buy the digital version of the manual for $15. ¬†you will find it incredibly detailed, full of photos, and will greatly boost your confidence in taking on the project.

good luck