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Wow,  Thanks for the great responses.  Daws1954, Thank you for taking the time to measure all of that out.  That’s just the kind of detail that I needed.  Also, Thanks to Artistic Adam and Catcamper for your suggestions and ideas.  Now I can move forward with planning that out. (Hey Cat, you’re right, you can never have enough hooks.  How about those 3M “Command” sticky-hooks that you can re-locate if you want to without damaging the camper?).

I’ve purchased a 100 amp hr AGM battery and am planning on constructing an electrical box  underneath the Trailex trailer.  Set up high between the last 2 cross-member sections, it should only hang down 8″-9″  or so (well above the height of the wheel axel).  In this electrical compartment I’ll locate the battery, power inverter, and  battery charger.  Constructed well, I think I can keep it essentially watertight and high enough that it will stay free from road hazards.   Being towards the back of the trailer will provide easy access. I thought I would mount it with hinges so that the box can swing down as it opens.  The whole point being that I’ll be Battery/Electrical Compartment free in the Galley area.  I hit on a few great finds that I thought I would share.  1’st:  A 10 piece nesting stainless steel cookware set from Magma.  It is SOLID.  A little pricey but well worth it.  I was Very please with the quality.  The removable handles are well made and pretty ingenious with how they lock on using a sort of dovetail cleat. The whole set nests down to  10.8″ X 10.8″ X 8″.   If anyone’s in the market I highly recommend it.  I purchased mine from West Marine but here’s the Amazon link:

2’nd:  I found a dual fuel single burner stove from Gas One that is just what we needed.  Though I haven’t fired it up yet, I’ve received it and inspected it pretty carefully. I want the flexibility of a standard mini propane canister in case I’m not close enough to a butane source. At about $49 from Amazon I though it was a pretty good deal as well.  Here’s the link to it:

3’rd: (much less cool) I found these nifty nesting wash tub sink sets on the site. The drain board and dryer rack fit inside it.  I ordered a 2nd tub so, of course, they nest together.  I loved Artistic Adam’s version of a mini sink but I’m just not ready to go there yet.    Here’s that link:  .

Now that I have some accurate measurements to spring-board from I’ll lay out my compartments to  accommodate all of the above.  Thanks again for those who took the time to reply.  More suggestions always appreciated!