Reply To: Rough plywood


Hi ButchFNJ,

I’m still working on the project, if you can believe it! The weather here tends to go from too hot to too cold in a flash, limiting the time I am willing to spend in the garage.  Anyway, I am done with all assembly except for fixing the fit of the doors… Now I just need some good painting weather.  And yes, I will not be going natural with the trailer except the interior, although I doubt the imperfectness of the wood would detract from appearances.

It turns out that the chipped out bits of plywood are hardly visible under the epoxy. I never got feedback to my original post other than in this forum so I can’t offer much advise except to be very careful of any unfinished wood before it gets some epoxy and/or fiberglass on it.  Unfortunately these problem areas can be worsened (and maybe caused) by wiping down the sanded wood surface with a rag dampened with alcohol.

Good luck with the build and have fun!