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Comccoy, thanks for the ideas. Its funny you mention insulating the garage. After 2 days of working in this heat I went out and picked up 1″ foil backed rigid foam to insulate the garage door which helped a little. I’ve also installed a portable AC which vents out to the soffit. You can see the AC unit on the right in the first photo of my previous post. I will need to install an inline duct fan on the extended exhaust pipe to help pull the hot air away from the AC unit. It currently only runs for a few minutes before it shuts off from over heating.

Until i can get it cooler in my garage I’ve been resorting to keeping the resin cool before use. I’m also only do small batches at a time (8 pumps or less) and bright an early in the morning. I hope to be working on the large glassing steps in the dead of winter where heat wont be an issue.