Reply To: WA State Rules


I licensed my teardrop yesterday.

My trailer was already licensed, hence already had a VIN#. If yours doesn’t, sequence will be different.

1. Went to Licensing Agent (where you get your car tabs etc.) Got an inspection request. No cost.

2. Made appointment on line at WSP. My category was OTHER and under comments I put repurposing trailer. If you have no VIN, there is a different category for that. Appointments are a few weeks out, so plan for that. If you have no VIN or registration, you can get a $5 on day Transit Permit to get you ton WSP inspection site.

3. Had teardrop weighed. and movers certified scale. $20, Weighed 520 lbs.

4. Inspection was straight forward, took about 1/2 hour of the one hour allotted. Patrolman measured and looked around teardrop, he was very complimentary. Suggested engraving VIN number under teardrop. I already have it under headliner with photo to show where it is if stolen. Have trailer title, registration (if you have one) and receipt for trailer and shipping docs from CLC for kit or receipt for parts if not from kit.

5. Took Inspection slip to Licensing agent (valid for 60 days), and got new registration and title will be mailer, changing from Trailer to Camper/Teardrop. $31.

That’s all folks!