Reply To: Galley hatch locks


I am using the CLC-supplied hasp, but I have an issue with the gas springs.  later this morning I’m going to call Attwood and talk to them about it.

the gas springs are rated for 20# of force.  clearly the hatch and the hasp weigh much less than the 40# that two springs should support.  this might be an issue of how Attwood rates the force.

when I first installed the springs (3 wks ago) they opened to 19″ under the weight of the hatch.  the springs are supposed to extend 20″.  my son just returned from a week-long trip with the TD and now the springs only extend 18″.  this translates to an opening of 34″ rather than 46″.

I’m going to ask Attwood if the springs are acting as they are designed, and CLC should have supplied a set with higher force, or if these are defective.