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colinspeer–a few of us have used the Northern Tools and Equipment 5×8 aluminum trailer.  when i bought mine, IIRC it was around 550 with free shipping.  it is aluminum, and quite rugged.  being aluminum, it is easy to cut to the proper length and drill holes into for mounting the camper.

it comes with 12″ wheels, but i decided i wanted 15″ wheels for better bearing life.  i also bought a set of what what northern tools calls “high-speed hubs”, and since the 15″ tires are wider than the 12’s i needed to get a set of 1 1/4 inch wheel spacers.  we have a trailer mfr nearby and i was able to get a pair of fenders with enclosed backs for $40.  i’m very pleased with the results.

obviously the 15″ wheels make the camper higher.  the galley is at about 41″, which for me is a comfortable height.  also the bottom of the door openings are about chair-height which makes it very easy to enter and exit.

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