Reply To: Base Storage Boxes


Thanks, I’m glad you like the design. I will be keeping a detailed video blog of the build once I start. To answer your question the trailer is a modified 5’x8′ Ironton trailer. It’s an inexpensive bolt together trailer. I plan to shorten the 8′ sides of the trailer, then notch and bend the corner to match the CLC base shape which is continued through to the base storage unit.

For propane I plan to just use 14oz camping containers and a single burner stove. If later I decide I need more than a few camping tanks I will get a Worthington 299494 6-pound aluminum propane cylinder. These are narrow enough to fit in the base storage during transportation.

It sounds like you are going with the standard #20-30 propane tanks. For those I would recommend keeping the tank/s on the tongue of the trailer inside a Camco propane cover. The covers look nice and will help protect your tanks. Just remember to keep them away from ignition sources including electrical systems, and in well ventilated areas.