Reply To: Base Storage Boxes


Artistic Adam

Awesome response! Your solutions are a great step forward. Lovely design and renderings. You have approached the base much in the same way I was thinking. Ive been thinking about designing the base to be a continuation of the geometry of the pod in the same way but was concerned that it would look awkward and lumpy, however your design indicates that it does not. I just started to build the base pod in sketchup to test it out.

I also like that you have done away with the front box. The re-configuring of space appears to be successful too. For my part I would use a grill propane tank and would have to locate it at the front. I may have to come to terms with it on the front where you have located jerry cans as I am not a fan of their storage box.

I never knew about LineX either. It appears to be a better idea than Durbar plate on the underside. Im not sure but the underside would get a hammering in rain as well as stones etc. I think I would try your solution. Im also keen to see how the waterproofing of your side drawers works out. Im not close to a build yet and will spend some more time designing, researching and thinking.

Which trailer are you using? It doesn’t look like the one you purchase through CLC. I have researched these and there are quite a few that are much cheaper than their option.

Either way for what its worth – the two tone rocks! Didn’t think Id like the darker stain as the light color is so nice however it looks pretty good. .

I hope you keep us posted on progress.