Reply To: Bob's tips and tricks


a couple of tips re: installing the cabin shelf.

1). notice that the rear corners of the shelf will interfere with the epoxy fillet on the outside walls.  I didn’t realize that.  had I realized, I would have cut a small triangle off the corners and if necessary those cuts could be hidden with a small fillet.

2). install the shelf before you install the door sills.  due to the angle of the side walls, you need to have the shelf pointing toward the floor after you position it near the slots, ant then you can then rotate it upwards to its correct orientation.  I learned that the front corners of the shelf/fiddle interferes with the door sill.  I had to slide the shelf in with the front edge facing the roof, which makes for a much tighter fit due to the slant of the walls.  I had to whack it with a rubber mallet, and snapped off one of the rear tabs (which the epoxy fillet will hide).