Reply To: Bob's tips and tricks


All, when you install the door hardware… the fair leads for the door actuating rods on the door and the door sill will not line up, especially the lower fair leads. This is due to the doors’ tendency to spring out after cutting.  The manual offers a (weak) solution of adding washers to correct the difference.  If you try this, you may have to get longer screws because the tension on the fair leads may pull them out of the door sill.

After trying to add a wood spacer  – also an insufficient solution – we created a simple guide mold using tape applied to the edge of the door stiffener and filled it with wood flour epoxy (similar to pouring concrete).  Ensure the mix is thick enough to be “wood” while runny enough to fill the space with no air bubbles.  When dry, sand to the appropriate distance and place your fair lead.  Drilling pilot holes is also a good idea.

fairleadfairlead 2