Reply To: Bob's tips and tricks

Bob D.

To save a bunch of time, I installed the roof vent box before cutting out the doors and installing the transom.  Why not?   I was able to time the epoxy fill coats and sanding just right so I didn’t waste any time on it.  Also, make sure you are conservative on the cuts for the roof/vent box.  Mine barely fit without falling in.   The hole was too big, even though I cut exactly on the line.  Well, perhaps not too big, but really really close to being too big.  If I had to do it again, I’d leave a good bit of the dashed/dotted pre-cut lines showing so I don’t risk having to deal with a hole that was too big for the roof box.  It’s trivial to sand the extra down once the whole assembly is flipped over.  Not so easy to put material back if you take away too much.

Roof hatch installed early.