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Bob D.

Holy crap what a pain in the ass the bottom was.  So damn much epoxy.  I think I used a good half gallon.  What little was left over was spread around the interior when I started feeling the cup get warm.   That happened twice and the last time it was getting sticky while brushing on but it came out just fine and is not critical, nor visible.  Just need a layer to keep condensation from attacking the wood.


Also, I used blue painters tape around the border where the glass was going down, epoxied everything above the blue tape.  I then went in with a rotary cutter to trim and this is the second time doing that and it worked perfectly.   Ya gotta be careful with the pressure to cut the wet glass and not dig in too far into the hardened stuff below.  If you get the timing right, the epoxy sags just enough to fill in that little cut/groove the rotary cutter makes and it comes out exactly right.   No worries if not, the fill coat later will take care of it.



Also, I have a question into Ed @ CLC specifically asking about varnishing over the black interlux polyurethane marine paint that CLC sells.  Do I need to mask it off?  Should I varnish first?  etc.  I’ll post back when I hear.   This is coming up very quickly.   I expect to paint the bottom Friday or Saturday depending on how fill coats go over the next day or two.


I’m still trying to bust my butt to get this thing done (enough) to use 6/24 through 6/25.