Reply To: Teardrop Resale Value?


$12k was also my first thought, but frankly, I wouldn’t trust anyone earning $10/hour (in the U.S.) to build this trailer for me. The cost of employing someone doing this sort of work at CLC is probably closer to $20/hour or more, and I wouldn’t do it for less than $50. On the other hand, someone skilled at building this camper could do it in half the time.

But cost is not price anyway. If Hutte Hut sells many campers for 64 grand, this thing easily has a market at $15-20k. If it’s two feet longer and a foot higher, without a galley, its dimensions are comparable to the Hutte Hut, and it’s every bit as beautiful inside and out. It only needs a highway-worthy trailer and some refinements on the interior to be very comparable, and these changes don’t add dramatically to the cost.

CLC has a heavenly business model. John Harris should get Obama’s Nobel prize.