Reply To: Big hinge problem

Diving Duck

As a follow-up to my previous post, I found that the #8 bolts with heat shrink measure about 13/64 in diameter.  So I drilled the holes in the hinges out to 7/32 and am now in the process of applying 3 coats of epoxy with a Q-tip.  I use one end of the Q-tip to apply the epoxy and then the other end to wipe out any excess.  If the “hinge pins” won’t go in (epoxy too thick or a blob) I can safely ream the holes with a 13/64 bit.

BTW, I had to cobble up a long extension in order to drill the holes on the most of the hinges, otherwise the drill motor hit part of the body or door, throwing the drill out of alignment.  I found some extensions that are part of a quick-connect setup, and had to use two end-to-end in some cases.  Needed the 7/32 drill in quick-connect, so I bought a whole set–pretty sweet and the connector mount works with all  the quick-connect drills and drivers I already have.