Reply To: Headliner Installation


The router fence works great for the straight edges, and going slow on the curves without the fence works pretty well. Some touch up with sand paper softens some of the imperfect lines that are inevitable. Because I’m building the teardrop in one bay of a 3 car garage in central New York, heat is my big challenge (2.7F yesterday am). I put my 6 brooder lights with 75 watt bulbs (as per “shop tips”) inside the camper. That keeps the interior easily over 60 degrees. With a table set up to lay out just the side pieces (for one door side only) that I previously eased the edges of, I heated up the garage with the kerosene space heater and got the temp up to 70. I have to shut down the heater to keep from blowing the garage up-very dense fumes from that cement-glad I have a good respirator! I then put one coat of contact cement on all the liner pieces and a coat on the one interior side. I discovered it took 3 coats of contact cement on the foam to get good adhesion. I crawled in and installed the one side-managed to get them all on okay with only one spot not quite as nice as I would have liked it. That contact cement is totally unforgiving! I am not looking forward to doing all the front and overhead pieces. It sure does look nice though-really makes the door sill, door and bulkhead stand out. We’re heading for a stretch of fairly warm weather so I’ll tackle the rest in the next few days. I’ll send a pict if I can figure out how to do that.