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Third coat is on the shell.  2nd coat on the galley hatch exterior, one coat on the interior.  3 coats on the door exterior, two on the door interior.  Galley module not started, as it needs sanding and I’m trying to minimize sanding while I am doing varnish.

I did sand with 320 grit between the first two coats.  It’s amazing, the surface is getting easier and easier to sand as it fills in and gets flat.  I scuff sanded the entire exterior in about 30 to 45 minutes, including the small areas that need hand sanding.   SO much faster than sanding epoxy where a sanding pass took two to three hours with 120 grit!  I think I am seeing the payoff for all that time getting it prepped.

I bought some scotch bright sort of stuff yesterday, a little coarser than the green kitchen scrubber kind.  I think I am NOT going to sand the third coat before applying the fourth coat, just scuff it with the scotch bright.

After each sanding I am doing a initial rough alcohol wipe down with a “dirty” rag, then a 2nd pass with a alcohol “clean” rag, then a wipe down with a tack cloth.  My shop is by no means “dust free” but it’s not horrible.  I biggest source of “nits” has been cat hair!  We have several cats and I am starting to change shirts before going out to the shop to varnish.

Inevitably there is some small amount of extra varnish after each application session.  I have been using up this otherwise scrap varnish on the interior floorboard, the walls, etc. so as to not let it just go to waste.  Wouldn’t want to pour it back into the can, and those quart cans are expensive! I am about to open up my third quart can but I think that will do it.